Big Drew's Big Journey Week #3: TwentyMINETeen

New year, same me. The video explains it but I meant to bring up 1 other thing. I love wrestling and one of my favorites is a man known as Crossfit Jesus, Seth Rollins. Rollins had an incredible year professionally in 2018 and took to Instagram to post this. This is how I want to head into Twentymineteen. This is the attitude:

"This year was my favorite year in professional wrestling because it was the most intentional of my career. At the start of 2018, there wasn’t a lot of buzz around me and some people were wondering (including me) if maybe my best years were behind me. With the support of my friends, my fans, and my @wwe family I was able to capitalize on opportunities given and transform that doubt into momentum. I hit a stride so smooth that my confidence shot through the stratosphere." - Seth Rollins via IG

If you're taking your life more intentionally too in 2019, check out by clicking here!

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