PODCAST: 3-23-20 SHOW (Free Lions Games Offered & Top All-Time Board Games)

Big Drew and Jim provide an update on Michigan’s “stay at home” order to open up the show and get into Lions games from the last 12 seasons being offered for FREE. Also, the guys talk about the Top Five board games all-time and discuss where the Lions stand following a busy free agency period last week:

- Michigan is going into shelter mode for the next three weeks. What exactly does it mean?

- Every Lions game for the past 12 seasons is being offered for FREE. What’s the one game you’d want to see? What’s the one game you DON’T want to see?

- “Issue of our Time”: What are your Top Five board games of all-time?

- What are some post-free agency needs for the Lions?

- Who were the BEST and WORST free agency signings by the Lions?

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