PODCAST: 7-20-20 SHOW (Tigers Pitching Unknowns & NFL Players' Latest Beef)

Big Drew and Jim open up Monday’s show with Drew’s recent technology battles and Jim’s fantasy baseball offer to Producer Fongers. Also, the guys get into the latest Tigers roster movements; the NFL players’ beef on coronavirus safety; the Blue Jays not having a home ballpark; and unexpected problems with your home:

- The Tigers name their Opening Day starter. Is it the right call? Who should join Matthew Boyd in the starting rotation?

- NFL players have a beef with the league’s lack of clarity on coronavirus protocols. Is their beef justified?

- What do you do with the Blue Jays? What if the Tigers were asked to help out?

- Bidding farewell to a notable Tigers player: Who benefits the most from Jordan Zimmerman’s injury?

- Jim Leyland has some thoughts on the Tigers’ future. Do you agree with him?

- What’s the most unexpected house problem you’ve faced?

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