PODCAST: 7-21-20 SHOW (No Excitement for Baseball & Tipping Your Barber)

Big Drew and Jim kick off Tuesday’s show by trying to measure the excitement level of baseball in Michigan and discuss the Pistons’ new apparel deal; the Tigers’ biggest roster decisions; and who the best wide receivers in the NFL are. Also, in honor of Big Drew’s fresh haircut, the guys talk about proper etiquette when tipping your barber:

- Trying to read the room: Are people not excited about baseball?

- Do you have a problem with the latest Pistons deal? Also, the biggest reason to be bummed about the Pistons not being in the bubble, and it’s NOT about winning games.

- What are the biggest roster decisions the Tigers have to make?

- Who are the best wide receivers in the NFL?

- DREW GOT A HAIRCUT! What’s the proper etiquette when tipping your barber?

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