WATCH: Robert Kraft Gets Bentley From Celebrity Friends For 80th Birthday

New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft received an incredible gift from his famous friends for his 80th birthday.

Rapper Meek Mill shared a video on his Instagram account of Philadelphia 76ers co-owner and chairman of Fanatics Michael Rubin revealing a new Bentley to Kraft, which he said was purchased as a gift to the Pats owner by himself, Mill, Jay-Z and others.

Kraft worked alongside Mill, Jay-Z and Rubin -- who he's mentored in recent years -- in creating the Reform Alliance, which has aimed to transform probation and parole since its launch in 2019.

Kraft is shown putting his hands on his head when he first sees the car and said, "Oh my God!" in the video.

Apparently, Kraft had hoped to purchase the Bentley himself, but was unable to find it.

"How did you get it?" Kraft asked Rubin.

The Sixers owner revealed that he "had resources" and the vehicle was transported via flatbed to Florida.

Kraft initially met Mill through Rubin and visited the Philadelphia rapper while he was incarcerated in 2018. The 80-year-old also spoke on Mill's behalf, arguing the rapper's sentence was unfair and a product of a broken criminal justice system.

"It makes it clear to me that we have to do something with criminal justice reform," Kraft said at the time via ABC News. "His kind of case, in a situation like this, it's really bad. I know some of our players in the NFL have talked about this and I see it firsthand; it's just wrong. We have to find a way to correct it."

Kraft also wore a thick gold chain that was gifted to him by Mill during the Patriots' parade in celebration of their Super Bowl LIII victory in 2019.

Photo: Getty Images

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