PODCAST: 5-19-20 SHOW (Parts of Michigan Opening Up & '98-99 Bulls What-If)

Big Drew and Jim open up the show by discussing parts of Michigan being opened up and break down the Lions’ offseason to this point. Also, the guys play a hypothetical what-if with the 1998-99 Chicago Bulls and talk about the Utah pizza place mentioned in “The Last Dance” speaking out. Lastly, the guys throw out their Top Five rivalries of all-time and ponder Jim Harbaugh’s comments on Michigan football being on the “cusp”:

- Parts of the state begin to open up. What’s the first thing you want to do when it’s here?

- Would you give the Lions’ offseason a passing or failing grade?

- Would the 1998-99 Bulls have won it all?

- The Utah pizza place mentioned in “The Last Dance” defends itself. Do you believe their story?

- “Top Five at Five”: What are you Top Five greatest rivalries of all-time?

- What is Michigan football on the “cusp” of?