PODCAST: 6-24-20 SHOW (Baseball is Back/Rule Changes, & Tigers Excitement)

Big Drew and Jim express their (somewhat) excitement of Major League Baseball coming back in late July and recap NASCAR’s FBI report on the noose found in Bubba Wallace’s garage stall. Also, the guys give out their grades on Martha Ford’s ownership tenure with the Lions:

- BASEBALL IS BACK! Are you excited for some Tigers baseball?

- Are MLB’s latest rule changes friendlier for younger fans? Are you a fan of them?

- NASCAR’s FBI report questions and takeaways. What are your thoughts on the results of the investigation?

- What would your grade be for Martha Ford during her time as Lions owner?

In addition, the guys briefly discuss MSU putting a hold on football ticket sales, and The Athletic’s Cody Stavenhagen comes on the show to talk about baseball returning and what the 2020 Tigers will look like.

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