PODCAST: 6-30-20 SHOW (Tigers Over/Under & Emoni Bates' Post-H.S. Future)

Big Drew and Jim discuss numerous topics on a Tuesday that include portable sports fans, the nuisance that are fireworks, Tigers over/under 2020 win total, Emoni Bates’ post-high school future, and no Minor League Baseball. Also, the guys provide the latest Michigan’s coronavirus response and bring back Mock Draft Mania…..with a twist this time:

- Are sports fans more portable than ever before?

- The nuisance that are fireworks. How bad have they been where you live?

- The Tigers’ over/under win total is set for 21.5 wins. What say you?

- Mock Draft Mania (with a twist): Who should the Red Wings take with the #4 overall pick?

- Zero years? Is there even a possible scenario where Emoni Bates could play TWO YEARS at MSU?

- There will be no Minor League Baseball at any level in 2020. How does that impact the Tigers’ roster movements for the 2020 season?

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